Haley Jones Phillips

Hey, I'm Haley.

I'm a end-to-end product designer and thought leader with experience building awesome products in both NYC and now the Bay Area.





how do I Work, you ask?


I get to know both the business and the user.

I start with getting a lot of questions answered. What are the business metrics and drivers of this idea? Who are the stakeholders? What problem are we solving? Who is the user that we're solving it for? Do we REALLY understand who they are and what they need? How will we measure success?


I go on user journeys and map things out.

Connecting a real life user experience to a business need or hypothesis can really get the team on board with the idea and build empathy from the get-go. It's important to understand how a user will interact with your product step-by-step, in order to really make educated decisions. This is important both for the creative process, but also to communicate vision to the greater organization. A IA map is also helpful at this point to be a visual aid while breaking an ideal experience into buildable phases and features that will deliver a great experience to the user from Phase 1.

wireframes img.png

I wireframe.

Depending on the project, I'll start by translating the user journey into quick sketches and then low-fidelity wireframe prototype. It's important to string the experience together early, to really consider flow, structure and the voice of the application. Creating a quick, interactive design gets your team and stakeholders on board and giving feedback early and often.

user testing img.png

I user test to confirm ideas and challenge others.

Since I spent the energy on building a interactive wireframe prototype, that means I can get it in front of users early! At this point, it's a great time to test for understanding, usability and fine tune the copy. If testing shows any surprises, I have an easily editable design to fine tune.

rally img.png

I tell the story and rally everyone around the project.


A large part of a Designer's job is to tell the story of the grand vision of the project. It's important to present data, user research, and recommended designs in a way that is easily understood, and really rallies your team and larger organization around your project. Building confidence in a project is incredibly important.

prototype img.png

I create visual design prototypes.

I feel strongly about designers putting in the effort into building a visual design prototype. Not only does it force me to consider the multi-device implementation (especially if I'm designing responsively!), but allows me to illustrate interaction design as well as have a powerful example to show to the greater organization. Being able to channel my "inner developer" helps me troubleshoot issues that would not have come up before my dev team starts building.

build img.png

I write stories and lead during the development process.

I work with my Product Manager to ensure that the user stories and AC are detailed, thorough and are broken up into a releasable order.  I stay active during the QA process to make sure the UX and UI are ready for users.

iterate img.png

I measure and iterate, because it's never done.

This perspective is really important for a designer to have, as things change so quickly. Sometimes things don't go as planned, and we must be agile and respond.


 San Francisco Design Week Panel Moderator

"The Secret to Building a Design Environment You Love"

2017 SFDW hosted by Rocket Lawyer




That's great, but where?


I have experience in small scrappy startup environments all the way up to huge corporation design. I recommend Heading on over to my Linkedin profile for a detailed breakdown of my career.




Rocket Lawyer

A legal document platform with relevant add-ons to make the law accessible and affordable for everyone.

Senior Product Designer

As the senior lead of the product design team, I am responsible for the bird's eye view of the site's overall UX. I played


  • Consistent one-on-one mentoring to mid-level designers across all teams
  • Directly manage junior designers and responsible for their training and development
  • Developed Style + Interaction Guide
  • Led company-wide 'delight' workshops to change culture to one of MLP > MVP.
  • Member of leadership team responsible for developing annual roadmap
  • Owned and lead entire process from ideation to release
  • Developed department user testing processes and best practices
  • Owned various products including: Documents product, Legal Benefits product, Internal tools including Document Authoring tool and Customer service tool, eSign API, Incorporation product, etc.



Keaton Row

An online-based personal styling platform that empowers entrepreneurs to acquire and style customers all over the U.S.

UX/UI Designer

In this early stage startup, I was a voice of both design and product for the company. While designing a product that connects two very different types of users (in this case, entrepreneurial stylists and prospective clients), I was able to really hone my product chops both in visual design and user experience design. My primary goal was was to develop new ways to close the gap between users and aid in a positive, empowering experience for both.


  • Wireframing and Visual Design of pages from conception to implementation
  • Working with Dev to execute designs and features
  • Build static HTML/CSS pages through CMS system
  • Working with dev to restructure CSS Framework and execute new branding
  • Brainstorming new product features and problem solving for company metrics
  • Participated in User testing
  • Marketing Design including facebook ads, banner ads, etc.
  • Print design for event collateral and printed magazine ads (ex: Marie Claire, etc.)
  • Produced and creative directed photoshoot for site-wide imagery.




An online boutique platform for influencers to curate and run e-boutiques

Senior Graphic Designer

Designed all visuals and interface functionality on StyleOwner.com, managed creative team, created and/or oversaw all advertising visuals, constantly reevaluated current site and made necessarily improvements.

Focused on Client e-commerce experience and developing an intuitive "store-building" platform for seller users



and MANY Happy FREELANCE CLIENTS throughout:


CROSS FUNCTIONAL Google Design Sprint leader

Rocket Lawyer 2016- 2017


Aside from Design work

I want to work with people who also care about:

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Empowering their team and commitment to growth.


Making an impact on our community and beyond.


Diversifying the industry.


Co-Key Speaker with Sasha Volkov (UX Reseacher, Google)

"Giving your Customers a Seat at the Table" 

San Francisco Product Manager Meetup, 2015



what I've been UP TO



Reimagined the core of the documents experience and the tool that powers it.

Document Building experience

Redesigned the core flow that our customers go through.


PROJECT Coming soon

Internal Customer Service Tool

Created a new internal tool to help our Customer Service team get the right information at the right time to give customers a fantastic experience.


Designed a new Public API signing app that will be consumed by both the company and 3rd parties.


PROJECT Coming soon

B2b Benefits pRODUCT

Created a version of our customer experience that can be offered to other customers as a benefit, as well as a tool for HR Admin to oversee the benefit.



Want to work together? Let's chat.

Check in with me. I am always open to chatting about new opportunities, big and small.